We are a metal process specialist

At BENTELER, we’ve been working with metal since our foundation in 1876. This heritage has given us unmatched material expertise; we know how to form and to join metal like nobody else. We use this experience to develop cost-efficient and best-in-class manufacturing processes. This includes technologies such as forming, joining, extrusion and assembly for materials such as steel and aluminum. The result is production excellence and premium quality products that all our customers benefit from. Enabling them to develop the save and eco-friendly mobility solutions that accelerate their business.

How we make ... a B-pillar

The manufacture of our B-pillars using hot forming technology ensures greater crash safety and a more sustainable use of resources. The steel blank is first heated to 920 degrees and then simultaneously cooled and pressed. This makes the steel particularly robust and light. And car bodies thus safer and more environmentally friendly. BENTELER has pioneered the application of this technology in the automotive industry.

Our folded battery trays

At the heart of every electric vehicle are the batteries and the housing that surrounds them. With our innovative folded battery tray, we help our customers to produce the safest possible electric vehicles. In the video our colleagues explain the advantages of our patented battery tray and its manufacturing.

How we make ... fuel lines for high-pressure applications

For the manufacturing of fuel lines for high pressure applications that meet the highest safety standards we have innovated the production: unlike usual production processes our pre-assembly starts with joining the brackets to the straight tube and preparing it for brazing. This video shows our production steps in detail.

Our innovative joining technology „SWOPtec“

With the help of our innovative SWOPtec technology (Steel Welded Opposed Plug technology) we make car bodies safer and greener. It enables the joining of steel and aluminum even in highly stressed areas of the vehicle body. And makes them particularly robust. SWOPtec also enables us to replace steel components with lightweight aluminum. This makes vehicles lighter. And improves their CO2 emissions.

How we make … our bumpers

In Raufoss, Norway, we produce our bumper system with crash box. It absorbs more crash energy per kilo than most other bumper systems on the market. And makes vehicles particularly safe. Another advantage: The low weight of our aluminum bumpers contributes to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And makes cars more environmentally friendly.

BENTELER steel for maximum safety

At BENTELER Lightweight Protection we produce components and structures for armored security vehicles. They are made of extra hard and resistant steel: our BENTELER security steel. It is produced exclusively by us. And ensures maximum safety for the car body.

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