BENTELER Lightweight Protection GmbH

BENTELER Lightweight Protection GmbH offers innovative solutions for finding that tricky balance between the need for greater protection on economic terms and low weight. Our range of services begins at concept development with our customers and continues through comprehensive protection development and validation to series and spare parts supply. Our client base includes both car and truck manufacturers as well as internationally operating producers of heavy armored vehicles.

Hot-formed armored parts made of a variety of steel alloys

In contrast to conventional steel armor, which often consists of a large number of individual parts, the hot-formed armored parts principle is founded on the manufacture of large structures that integrate functions. Hot-formed components have few or no weld seams, enabling them to offer better protective properties. In addition, conventional designs often necessitate material overlaps, which is why hot-formed parts also offer potential for weight savings. The close geometric tolerances of the formed parts and the lack of welding distortion allow simpler assembly processes, thereby also reducing expensive reworking and modification requirements. Finally, the complex forming process broadens the range of options for utilizing available space better and integrating additional functions into the components.

Unique materials

Alongside BENTELER’s own BSEC510 and BSEC610 materials, we also produce standard armor plating with our hot forming process if the customer so requests or doing so brings technological benefits. We combine this effective base with a range of coatings that enables us to reduce the thickness and weight of our armored parts. Further possibilities for reducing weight can be achieved by using partially perforated BSECp, which is used as part of armored superstructures. Formed parts of a variety of sheet thicknesses allow us to deliver the most consistent form of lightweight construction in vehicle protection.

Development expertise

At BENTELER Lightweight Protection GmbH , you enjoy the benefits of development expertise. We are the reliable partner by your side, whatever services you require: from “co-engineering” through “system integration”, at BENTELER you will get exactly the know-how and individual solutions you need. These include, for instance, a variety of options for material and system testing – from metallurgical analyses to vehicle tests. Why not get in touch with us? We’d be happy to help!

Our strengths

  • Innovative designs for enhanced and affordable protection
  • From engineering and validation to series production
  • High performance materials for weight reduction / payload increase
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