Business Unit Chassis & Modules

Safety and vehicle dynamics are important aspects on the way to even more efficient automobiles. The Business Unit Chassis & Modules provides a complete service portfolio for chassis system from the development to series production. We deliver customized solutions that include synergies with further functions such as crash elements and the integration of complete axle modules. Our customers benefit from consistent high quality, even in series production.

Efficient chassis systems – even after thousands of kilometers

We make our customers’ objectives our own. Because of its importance, we focus on lightweight construction and safety, which play a decisive role in the layout of our chassis systems. A continuous reduction of the component weight is achieved by our in-house development activities in high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels as well as hybrid constructions, with material combinations of steel, aluminum and fiber-reinforced composites. This enables a wide range of lightweight construction solutions, without disregarding safety: BENTELER chassis systems provide the highest safety requirements, despite the cost savings and weight optimization.

Keeping the future firmly in sight

The Business Unit Chassis & Modules continually develops its product portfolio. In the area of module assembling, we offer a broad spectrum of axis modules to the customers, above frontend modules up to the complex engine dress-up. Furthermore we supply the holistic approach of system integration to provide the entire system from a single source: From straightforward assembly right through to the system integration of highly complex modules, also within the scope of electric mobility.

Our strengths:

  • Broad product portfolio for lightweight construction solutions.
  • Consistent high quality – even on a mass-production scale.
  • Complete chassis systems from one source.
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