Business Unit Engine & Exhaust Systems

With our long-standing experience in the development and production of components for efficient and emissions-optimized engines we help our customers engineer more environmentally friendly vehicles for world markets. The segment Exhaust & Exhaust Systems offers a broad portfolio of components and systems involving all aspects of the power train as well as comprehensive development and test capabilities as well as diverse manufacturing competencies with high vertical integration.

Mobility for the future: Efficient engines through downsizing and clean after treatment

We see the discussion about global climate protection as both a challenge and an incentive, using our products and knowledge to contribute to the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption and thus conforming to future CO2 limit values. In after treatment and in direct injection Engine & Exhaust Systems belong to the market leading solutions for efficient engine technology.

Quality and technology: Our core competencies are modern joining and forming processes realizing ambitious designs

We rely on a broad spectrum of joining processes for highest product quality. These include hard soldering, with which we achieve complex and permanent joints. In welding technologies like MAG and laser welding, we distinguish by exact and clean joints. BENTELER Automotive has also systematically advanced and developed the hydroforming of tubes as one of the most important forming technologies. This method facilitates a freer configuration of complex tube geometries for air gap insulated Exhaust Systems. With this technology we achieve an optimal packaging and an efficient reduction of heat losses in the after treatment system.

Looking ahead – improving the vehicles of tomorrow

The Business Unit Engine & Exhaust Systems has established itself as a specialist in the fields of drive, heat, and energy management. Concurrently we continually enhance our competencies and work together with our customers on new concepts to make the car of tomorrow even better. We are opening up new markets, for instance in the field of hybrid drives and battery electric vehicles. We have expanded our mechatronics competencies and are taking into account the increasing complexity of this drive system. We are actively engaged in offering high-quality technical solutions – for the sake of the environment and future generations.

Our strengths:

  • Broad experience in development and production of components and systems for efficient and emission optimised engines.
  • Highest product quality and modern manufacturing processes.
  • Specialist in the fields of powertrain, heat and energy management.
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